The Road to Reading - Intervention for Struggling Learners

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Reading Intervention for Grades K-5

Help struggling learners master key literacy objectives based on
Common Core and State Standards. This systematic, sequential
reading intervention program guides teachers or aides as they
bring students step-by-step through key beginning reading skills.
Motivational, hands-on materials keep children engaged as
they work toward grade-level proficiency.

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12 units take students from letter names and
beginning sounds, through to syllables and
prefixes & suffixes. Entry points are
determined by diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic testing to determine entry point,
unit mastery tests, progress monitoring
worksheets, and ongoing observational
checkpoints ensure correct placement
and careful measurement.

Each lesson includes objectives, complete instructions, and an
illustration of the activity plus observational assessment checkpoints,
tips for working with ELL students, extension activities, and more.

All diagnostic and mastery tests are included. Download printable
books, games, activities, templates, reading passages, and more—
more than 150 pages of reproducibles.

All the hands-on materials you need to teach every lesson, organized,
contained, and ready to use.