The Road to Reading - Intervention for Struggling Learners

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Mastery TestTo place students correctly along the literacy continuum, a diagnostic test is provided for initial assessment. The testing stops at the point where the student begins to have problems, and the student can then be placed in a group with other students who have the same deficits.

Using the diagnostic test as a starting point, the tutor prepares a progress recording sheet showing the starting point of tutoring, and checks off the objectives the student successfully completes during the Tier II intervention process.

The same test instrument is used again at the end of each unit, to assess whether the student has successfully mastered the unit objectives and is ready to move forward, or should be referred for Tier III intervention. The tutor will then test the student using the diagnostic assessment on the next unit before proceeding with further instruction.

Sometimes a student needs refreshing on previously mastered skills before moving on to a new skill. The Check! feature prompts the tutor to check for mastery of necessary precursor skills, and directs the tutor back to the correct lesson if the student is having problems.

The Resource Kit provided with every program gives you all the manipulatives you need for every lesson, organized, contained, and ready to go. The accompanying Resource CD includes assessment materials, downloadable books, games, activities, and more.