The Road to Reading - Intervention for Struggling Learners

Primary Concepts

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Mastery Objectives

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Program Overview

´╗┐The Road to Reading is a Tier II intervention program designed for students in Grades K-5 who have fallen behind in the basic reading skills normally taught in Grades K-2. Based on Common Core and state standards, the program focuses on 12 Mastery Objectives, the main building blocks of the phonetic structure of the English language. A teacher or aide works with students in small groups of 2-4 to master these key objectives, as well as objectives in multiple focus areas, or Program Strands. The Road to Reading can be used as a stand-alone intervention program, or to supplement and support a basal series. The Scope and Sequence chart allows the tutor to tailor instruction to the needs of each individual child.

The Road to Reading approach is based on best practices and well-accepted research into the most developmentally appropriate, effective methods for teaching basic skills to struggling learners. The systematic, sequential, hands-on approach used in the program scaffolds learning, so each lesson and skill builds on those previously mastered. Diagnostic testing places students in the correct place in the continuum, while unit mastery tests ensure that they have mastered each skill before they advance to the next. Observational assessment points within the lessons allow the tutor to discover and work on not-yet-mastered precursor skills that would otherwise hamper achievement.

Designed to be easy to use by aides or teachers, each detailed lesson offers objectives, complete instructions, and an illustration of the activity.
A full Resource Kit of manipulatives, included with the program, provides hands-on materials for up to 4 students.

To try the program yourself, download sample lessons.