The Road to Reading - Intervention for Struggling Learners

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Program Lessons

Same soundsProgram lessons are contained in a 288-page binder, tabbed for easy reference. Instructional concepts and skills are presented in 12 units, with entry points determined by diagnostic testing.

´╗┐Each two-page lesson is keyed at the top to the skill area covered, and the grade level(s) where the skill is normally mastered. The lesson begins with an introduction to the skill practiced, followed by a list of the program strands and objectives covered in the lesson. A list of materials needed and preparation steps ensure that everything is ready to go, and lesson activities are illustrated and described step-by-step.

  • Check! feature points back to foundational skills required for the lesson’s successful completion, and refer the tutor back to the appropriate earlier lesson if needed.  
  • ELL Tips offer references to parallel activities in the student’s native language, and other helpful suggestions for non-native speakers.
  • Teaching Tips provide suggestions for effective instruction.
  • Vocabulary cues prompt for introduction of key words.
  • Active Learning offers physical activities that reinforce concepts.
  • More Practice suggests additional activities.
  • Take It Away gives students a chance to practice their new skills in the regular classroom, or at home.

View a list of all units and lessons.

Try the program for yourself—download sample lessons with their corresponding manipulatives and downloadable resources. (Downloadable manipulatives are provided for demonstration only; the actual manipulatives will be provided with purchase of the program.)

The Resource Kit provided with every program gives you all the manipulatives you need for every lesson, organized, contained, and ready to go. The accompanying Resource CD includes assessment materials, downloadable books, games, activities, and more.